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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Utility Poles in Geyserville

Here I tried to capture the last of the glorious fall vineyards in Geyserville, not far from my home. I had to paint fast because nearby workers were pruning the vines while I was painting. This scene is next to Highway 101 and has many utility poles plunked down in the midst of the vineyard. 

Harvest Moon

The chapel at Bishops Ranch, a venue from Monday Morning Painters. This painting is rather stylized, with a full moon in the upper right corner, the mysterious building behind the chapel, the small orchard trees which appear to have been pruned, the leafless trees against the sky, and the grass turned viridian from a recent rain.

A Day at the Lake

Whenever I travel to Atascadero to visit my relatives who live there, I always bring along my painting gear, often painting the surrounding vineyards and Santa Margarita Lake. Here is another painting of the lake, a beautiful and peaceful place with twittering birds and fine vistas.